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Gilded Cork Splashbacks

Glass Splashbacks need not be of a single flat colour and we specialise in a huge range of richly textured and multi-coloured glass panels. These will have the usual easy clean and perfectly flat front surface but will appear to be much deeper than the actual glass thickness of the splashback sheet. This extraordinary 3D look must be seen in reality to be believed as it is difficult to capture using a photograph.

Current Available Designs

Please view below slides of our currently available designs, each design has its own unique design reference number. Your preferences will be required when you are enquiring about your splashback, Please feel free to write these down for later use.

Past Project’s & Install Gallery

Here is a selection of images using this design as featured above, These have been manufactured and installed by Objects in Glass’s in-house install team. Each and every splashback takes pride of place in every individual’s home creating an eye catching and unique focal point for the room in question.


A full, no obligation, quote can be supplied free of charge, please use the form below to submit your details or contact our sales office.

    Gilded Cork Splashbacks – Further Details

    We are proud of our extensive range – so large that is easy for you to pick one of our product themes and a colour tint which, when combined, will be practically exclusive to your home. These are not mass-made products and each panel is handcrafted and uses natural materials – all unique.

    A superb and popular example of our special 3D Splashback is illustrated by our Cork sample.- a beautiful, natural, texture available in many colours. These range from vivid blues to more subtle greys and coppery metallic-like colours are also available. Each will exhibit its own unique character. Our range of colour options ensures a match to suit your kitchen style.

    Our splashbacks are made with 6mm thick toughened low iron glass as standard. We choose low iron glass for its optimum clarity and we toughen every piece that makes up your splashback order to create a stronger glass panel which is more resistant to heat and the occasional heavy impacts that can occur around the kitchen.

    Objects in Glass offer large size samples free of charge (subject to limitations). At around 140mm by 200mm these are very helpful in allowing you to imagine a finished wall space at home.

    NB: Please note due to the natural products used in this design we sometimes supply splashbacks that may have slightly different colouring to the samples supplied. Please note that colours can be colour matched to the sample, but there is an added wait for this service as it takes some time to find a match.