Objectsinglass splashback distressed

Distressed Splashbacks

‘Shabby Chic’ or ‘Vintage’ are other terms used to describe a distressed finish – a look that makes a feature out of wear and non perfection. This is traditionally associated with wear through use and age and can be visually pleasing because something that is old can offer a feel for durability, stability and endurance.

Current Available Designs

Please view below slides of our currently available designs, each design has its own unique design reference number. Your preferences will be required when you are enquiring about your splashback, Please feel free to write these down for later use.

Past Project’s & Install Gallery

Here is a selection of images using this design as featured above, These have been manufactured and installed by Objects in Glass’s in-house install team.

Each and every splashback takes pride of place in every individual’s home creating an eye catching and unique focal point for the room in question.


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    Distressed Splashbacks – Further Details

    A good example of a product made from glass, showing age, can be found in the Antique Mirror. Very old examples will have a now imperfect silver backing – areas of spotting and staining or lost reflection that will spoil the perfect mirror function but may make the glass attractive in another way. The aged look becomes a type of design pattern.

    Our Distressed-look designs attempt to replicate this feeling – patterns that have naturally appeared through age and wear but which are all completely new and hand-made to order.
    By experimenting with and inventing our own techniques we are able to create Mirrors that are indistinguishable from the genuine antique and with the extent of distressing applied to suit individual clients.

    And we also offer new designs, influenced by the antique look, and available in a range of colours. These can all be used to function as kitchen splashbacks offering a unique look but with a traditional feel.