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Totally 3D Design Old Silver Barn Made From Flat Faced Glass

Splashbacks and Glass Wall Panelling

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Discover brand new options for your patterned glass splashback. We aim to be the market leader in decorative sheet glass and offer a huge selection of unique and high quality patterns and finishes. These may have many interior and architectural uses but one of the most popular comprises wall cladding for modern kitchen splashbacks and we believe that our selection and service for these products are second-to-none. If You’re Fed Up With Plain Coloured Glass Splashbacks? Then discover our unique glass splashback ideas & offerings! Get A Quote Today!

Coloured Splashbacks

We make Glass Splashbacks to the size and colour of your choice. We carry a near infinite range of colours to choose from. We can usually match to a bespoke colour for you.

Distressed Splashbacks

Traditionally associated with wear through use and age and can be visually pleasing because something that is old can offer a feel for durability, stability and endurance.

Gilded Cork Splashbacks

A superb and popular example of our special 3D Splashback is illustrated by our Cork sample.- a beautiful, natural, texture available in many colours.

Mirrored Splashbacks

Now you have the option of an expanded range of possibilities with our new and unique antique-type mirror designs, textures and colour tints.

Ultra 3D Splashbacks

These designs take our famous 3D look to the extreme and exhibit a remarkable visual depth and texture and their surface is perfectly smooth, flat, and easy to wipe clean.

Textured Splashbacks

Many of our products have a textured look but these examples will get friends and family reaching out to touch the surface.

Kitchen glass wall panels – further details

Objects in Glass only use low iron toughened glass which is chosen for its optimum clarity over standard ‘green’ glass and is the strongest you can find anywhere in the market today. But, although the durability and clarity of this glass is without question, it’s the easy clean surface that is mostly admired. And behind this perfectly at, easy to keep hygienically clean, surface we weave our magic. So we have much to offer if you are looking for toughened glass splashbacks or highly practical wall cladding panels.

All of our incredibly inventive designs are embedded to the glass using a special system that we have patented. So these may appear three dimensional with an uneven face but are actually as at and easy to clean as any normal glass sheet. Perfect for use as range cooker splashbacks or anywhere that will require regular cleaning.

We offer a huge and ever expanding range of designs, themes and patterns – all of which may be coloured. Our colour options are equally vast and include a brilliant array of metallic gold, silver and copper tones. And, if you cannot find what you are looking for within our product range, we offer the possibility of working with you to produce a special one-off custom design.

So why not browse our ranges online or call us today to discuss your project in more detail. We love to hear from clients who are looking for bespoke glass splashbacks, mirrors, wall cladding or something unique and we are constantly working to create new and exciting glass designs or something that can be exclusively for you only.

We also offer a full survey and install option which is provided for a modest extra cost. So special shapes and cut outs for power points and light switches for your glass splashback ideas, etc, will be our responsibility. You do not need several contractors blaming each other for a mistake. We can take full responsibility from start to finish and if something is not right – we will put it right.

Objects in Glass can help you through every step of your journey – from your initial quotation to sampling and final install. Our dedicated team will make sure that your special patterned glass splashbacks, shower screen or worktop is completed and installed to the highest of standards. We offer free samples to anyone requesting a quotation. And, most importantly, we are competitive with our prices and will work to find the least expensive way to fulfil your wishes.

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