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Decorative 3D Glass

We have spent the last six years researching and developing a unique system that allows individual textured and patterned glass designs to be produced by a lamination process. Short run obscure and patterned glass is normally manufactured using a high energy use slumping method, but we have invented a radically new approach which greatly reduces manufacturing time and energy. In addition to this our system allows for enhanced detailing of new and intricate patterns and the glass sheet comes toughened and laminated as standard.

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We are therefore proud to announce the launch of our brand new subsidiary company: Form3D Glass – to showcase these amazing new products in culmination of the years spent in R&D exploring alternative ways of creating decorative glass panels. Form3D Glass opens up a brand new avenue for high quality, fine-detailed, textured and decorative glass – giving architects and interior designers the ability to create bespoke one off designs at a reasonable price. And this for virtually all applications where obscure glass is required.