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Decorative Glass Laminations

Objects in Glass are well known for our decorative glass laminations – hence our company name – and have mastered new and innovative systems for encapsulating and laminating a vast array of materials to sheet glass.

These include wood veneer, decorative metal meshes, fine fabrics and many other man-made or natural materials such as plant leaves, and fine grasses.

Our Current Off The Shelf Glass Interlayer Options:

Below are slides of our current available interlayers, each interlayer has its own unique design reference code. Please note down your preferences, as these will be required when you are enquiring about your bespoke glass lamination.

Each panel or sheet of glass we create is a unique work of art, which is individual and bespoke to every client.

Our product research and development team control all aspects of these bespoke glass laminations handling every detail from the initial sample tests right through to the final glass panel fabrications. We are therefore able to ensure that only the best glass products leave our factory and arrives on site.

This complete service and our dedication to being price competitive enables us to provide a bespoke service without the ‘bespoke price tag’. Sample tests are normally run free of charge and offer the client a chance to study a true sample before committing to larger panels or production run costs.


Want to know more? To discuss our bespoke laminations in more detail please feel free to contact us, or complete the form below with your ideas and project details, and one of our helpful team will contact you.