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Frameless Glass Balustrade Systems

Our frameless glass balustrades are made to measure and manufactured to be attached to a wide variety of structures. The glass sits in a high quality, solid aluminium channel. The channel is designed to withstand the weather extremities normal for the UK so can be used both internally and for the outside. As the channel is (visually) minimal the system offers a completely undisturbed view – just sheets of glass. And these can be joined to offer protection against the wind for the exterior and requiring minimal maintenance.

If you wish to obscure a view or to add a totally unique decoration – then you may choose one of our specialist glass designs rather than standard clear sheet. And we can also work with you to create your very own design if you wish – almost limitless possibilities.

Adding a frameless glass balustrade is a great way to modernise your home. All the clutter of a metal and wooden structure will be removed to be replaced by a simple and easy to clean but totally safe structure.

All our balustrades are bespoke – each one made for your specific requirement and with the appropriate fixing solution required for each individual application. With the option of adding a handrail, should you so wish, – why not add a compliant safety barrier to your home today?

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Post & Rail Balustrade Systems

Post and Rail glass balustrades are a traditional solution that we have updated using stainless steel posts and handrails matched with stainless steel fixings – all weather-resistant and easy to maintain.

The glass panels inset to this superbly strong system need not be standard clear. For areas where you may prefer privacy or where you would wish to go bold with unique decoration – opaque and patterned designs from our massive selection are readily available.

Using an original glass design within this system offers you the freedom to easily create something special and unique. So why not browse our website for inspiration. And, if you can’t find anything that exactly fits – then we can work with you to make a new design which can be exclusive to yourself.

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We offer a full, no obligation, quote for all balustrade systems.