Olympic Interactive Wall Panels

Equinox Partners were commissioned by ExCeL London to utilise the Olympic and Paralympic pictograms.

Objects In Glass thanks, both Equinox Partners and ExCeL London for their involvement in this project

“Equinox Partners, Michael Taylor and Clare Newton, visited The Surface Design Show 2013 in Islington, where both Imola Project (who supplied the tiles) and Objects In Glass (who were the main contractors) were exhibiting and from then on-going relationships developed.

Harlow-based Objects In Glass were chosen for their enthusiasm and experience in working iron-free glass for architectural installations, where optical clarity is essential for accurate light transmission, and for their complementary engineering ability when it came to the mounting and installation of the final pictograms.

Weighing in at 50kg for each panel, substantial reinforcement of the existing structure was required, so new steel channel sections were mounted within the curtain wall to which the panels were bolted."


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