How do I Measure my Splashbacks for a Quote

Objectsinglass post how to measure glass splashback

At Objects in Glass we offer a true to like quote system, which means that as long as you detail as much as you physically can about your project, we can give you a quote that will reflect the price of the final invoice. We give you a clear quote broken down with every section detailing exactly what is needed and the costs involved in getting your splashback.

To receive a quote for your project all you need is a sheet of paper, a pencil and a tape measure. All of these items can be easily found in any home.

Draw rough sketches of the panels needed and measure the overall length of the panel and the height, then add in any socket cutouts that may be needed to this panel you’re currently drawing, mark the cut out with an SS for a single socket and a DS for a double socket.

Take a look at the image below for suitable drawings that have been submitted to us.

Once you have drawn all the panels that you’re enquiring about, take a picture of each sheet of paper and send them to us for your personalised true to like quote, unlike other splashback companies we like to tell you up front what you’re looking at paying. One final thing to remember is to also remember to supply your full address and also a contact number too, just in case we need to discuss any of the panels that you have drawn.

There may be occasions where our surveyor may consult with you regarding issues and complications that need to be addressed. As with any drawing it’s very hard to take account of those very difficult places. This may require your original quote to be modified to add slight costs, but again this will be discussed with you during the survey and confirmed via the drawing office once your drawings are finalised.

We never take full payment for a project until after your survey has been completed and your costs have been finalised. All we ask is for clients to commit to your project before we come out and survey, the full balance becomes payable once the final drawings have been created and we are ready to proceed with your order.


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